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Pidgeon (putative author) (using the pseudonym A Medium) -Revelations Of A Spirit Medium or, Spiritualistic Mysteries Exposed (1891; edited by Eric J.Dingwall [1890-1986] and Harry Price [1881-1948]; 1922; 1975) Dr Erol A.

A Psychic and A Real Journey To Find The Lost Continent As Prophesied by Edgar Cayce (1970) Frank C.

Failla) -The Origins of Religion: A Dissertation Upon The Divine Manna of The Ancient Jews, The Eucharist of The Catholic Church, and The Blood and Body of Christ as Reference To Sacred Mushrooms (2012, 2014) Edward Fairfax, c.1580-1635 -Daemonologia: A Discourse on Witchcraft As It Was Acted In The Family of Mr Edward Fairfax, of Fuyston, In The County of York, In The Year 1621 (edited and annotated with biographical introduction by William Grainge [1818-1895], 1882; Facsimile Edition, 1972) Robert Fairfield, Timothy Miller; Editors -The Modern Utopian: Alternative Communities Then and Now (2009; also entitled The Modern Utopian: Alternative Communities of The 60s and 70s, 2010) * See also Timothy Miller Antoine Faivre -The Golden Fleece and Alchemy (1993; originally published in French entitled Toison d'Or et Alchimie.

1990) -Access To Western Esotericism, Volume I (1994; originally published in French entitled Accs de l'sotrisme occidental, 1986) -The Eternal Hermes: From Greek God To Alchemical Magus, With Thirty-Nine Plates (collection of articles originally published in French, translated by Joscelyn Godwin, 1996) -Theosophy, Imagination, Tradition: Studies In Western Esotericism (Access To Western Esotericism, Volume 2) (2000; originally published in French entitled Accs de l'sotrisme occidental, Tome II, 1996) Claire Fanger; Editor -Signs of Power and The Power of Signs: Medieval Modes of Address To The Problem of Magical and Miraculous Signifiers (1993) -Conjuring Spirits: Texts and Traditions of Medieval Ritual Magic (Magic in History) (2000, 2004) -Invoking Angels: Theurgic Ideas and Practices, Thirteenth To Sixteenth Centuries (Magic in History) (2012) -Rewriting Magic: An Exegesis of The Visionary Autobiography of A Fourteenth-Century French Monk (Magic in History) (2015) Arthur Fanning -Simon (1992) -Soul – Evolution – Father: Lord God Jehovah Through Arthur Fanning (1995) -The Comprehension of The Holy Spirit Within The Human Condition (2015) -Permission To Ascend (2015) -Pamphlet For Life (2016) Arthur Fanning, Robert Shapiro -The Truth About ETs, Secret Government, Alien Bases: The Battle Begins (Shining The Light I) (1994) -The Battle Continues (Shining The Light II) (1995) -The Truth about The Secret Government and Their ET Allies/Enemies – Humanity Gets A Second Chance (Shining The Light III) (1996) -Humanity's Greatest Challenge (Shining The Light IV) (1997) -Humanity Is Going To Make It!

Feschino, Jr -The Braxton County Monster: The Cover-Up of The Flatwoods Monster Revealed (foreword by Stanton T. Findel), 1828-1905 -History of Freemasonry: From Its Rise To The Present Day (preface by Dr Carl van Dalen [died 1879], 1866, 2012, 2015; translation of the Second German Edition originally entitled Geschichte der Freimaurerei von der Zeit ihres Entstehens bis auf die Gegenwart, in Two Volumes, 1861-1862) Eugene R. I., 1652) -A Short Discours Uppon Chirurgerie wherunto is added a number of Notable Secretes (translated by John Hester [1552-1592], 1580; originally published in Italian entitled Del Compendio Dei Secreti Rationali, 1564) -A Compendium of The Rationall Secretes of The Moste Excellent Doctour of Phisicke, L. With Portions of The Last Chapter Written Specially For The English Edition (1897) -The Unknown (1900; also published in France entitled Linconnu et les problmes psychiques: manifestations de mourants, apparitions, tlpathie, communications psychiques, suggestion mentale, vue distance, le monde des rves, la divination de l'avenir, 1900) -Mysterious Psychic Forces: An Account Of The Authors Investigations In Psychical Research, Together With Those Of Other European Savants (1907, originally published in France entitled Les Forces naturelles inconnues, 1906) -Death And Its Mystery (Three Volumes, 1922) - Volume One, Before Death: Proofs Of The Existence Of The Soul; Volume Two, At The Moment Of Death: Manifestations And Apparitions Of The Dying; Doubles; Phenomena Of Occultism; Volume Three, After Death (Three Volumes originally published in France entitled La Mort et son mystre, 1921, 1922, 1923) -Haunted Houses (1924, 1971; originally published in France entitled Les Maisons hantes, 1923) * Camille Flammarion co-Founded and was first President of the Paris Flammonde, 1927-2013 -The Age of Flying Saucers: Notes On A Projected History of Unidentified Flying Objects (1971; also entitled The Age of Flying Saucers: Notes on The History of Unidentified Flying Objects, 2017) -UFO Exist! Jones -, 2012 and The Coming Paradigm Shifts: Are We Heading Towards a New Evolution? The Psychic World of Abraham Lincoln (1974) Rand Flem-Ath, Rose Flem-Ath -When The Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis (introduction by Colin Wilson [1931-2013], 1995; Revised and Expanded Edition entitled Atlantis Beneath The Ice: The Fate of The Lost Continent, with afterword by John Anthony West, 2012) -Killing Moses: Solving History's Oldest Cold Case Mystery (2014) -From Atlantis To The Promised Land: Papers From The Flem-Ath Files 1976-2016 (2017) * See also Colin Wilson, 1931-2013; Rand Flem-Ath John V.

Friedman, 2004; Revised Edition, 2012; Updated, Revised and Expanded Edition, 2013) -Shoot Them Down! Fingerhut, 1932-2006 -The Fingerhut Guide: Sources In American History (1973, 1988) -Who First Discovered America? Finucane), 1939-2009 -Appearances of The Dead: A Cultural History of Ghosts (1984; also entitled Ghosts: Appearances of The Dead & Cultural Transformation, 1996) Leonardo Fioravanti, 1517-1588 -Three Exact Pieces of L. his Rationall Secrets, and Chirurgery, Reviewed and Revived Whereunto is Annexed Paracelsus, His One Hundred and Fourteen Experiments; with certain excellent works of B. Phioravante, Devided into Three Bookes (translated and edited by John Hester [1552-1592], 1582) * See also William Eamon Charles Fiore (Father Charles Fiore), 1935-2003; Alan Landsburg, 1933-2014 -Death Encounters: Science Investigators Probe Actual Experiences of A Dimension Beyond Death (1979) * See also Alan Landsburg, 1933-2014 Edith Fiore -You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks At Past Lives (1978, 1979, 1986) -Abductions: Encounters with Extraterrestrials (1989, 1997) -Encounters: A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by Extraterrestrials (1989, 1990, 1997, 2005) -The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession (foreword by Raymond A. (Para Explorers Series) (e Book, 2011) -Quantum Paranormal: Exploring The Links Between Science and The Supernatural (Para Explorers Series) (e Book, 2012) * See also Marie D. Fleming -The Dark Side of The Enlightenment: Wizards, Alchemists, and Spiritual Seekers In The Age of Reason (2013) * See also Ingrid Merkel, Allen G.


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