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Strings is cool if he's feeling her that way, if he's not....he's just means dont call me I will call you..all the talk before and after sex is just to keep you in the game until the next is wrong with not intereste din strings with you.only sex..his other gf or wife finds out then its no fun for him means that he wants a pump and dump! They could go out and purchase that so why involve someone else who may get hurt??

simple, no thoughts, just a call once in awhile and a mutual sweaty mess... as soon as we are done we are off to do something else. scratch balls cause since the last one I brought home to poke on, i have been itchy... NO strings = no follow up phone calls , no emotional attachments, no " what are you thinkin" questions , no " what do you want to do today" calls, no " I was thinkin about you today " thoughts..............WHO AHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frankly, the idea of NSA relationships can be really tempting, but not everyone can handle the delicacy of the relationship that is entirely based on lust.

Before you get started with the new fling you need to understand there is no love involved in an NSA relationship.

It is not difficult to find an NSA partner offline, but things can go really complicated if you choose the wrong person to get into such a relationship with.

Dating online will help you not choose some person you are friends with. When you look for a no strings attached relationship you are naturally inclined to choose a person you are familiar with. But under no circumstances, you should choose a friend to get into no strings attached relationship.

This is a kind of occupational hazard of getting into such a relationship.

It is highly unlikely that you will develop any emotional feelings for such a person and will have no excuse to get closer to them.

You get to be honest There is no need to sugarcoat the conversation and you can upfront tell the person about your feelings-that you are looking for just a sexual relationship with no strings attached.

Starting a no strings attached relationship with your ex means reigniting the extinguished emotional flames.

Choosing a partner for no strings attached relationship online is advised for a number of reasons, including: You don’t get emotionally attached As choosing a person through online dating sites is discrete, you don’t have any emotions into play.


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