Senior dating service north carolina

Therefore, every member gets -ONE- warning if they break any of these rules.If you don't straighten up & fly right, you will be expelled. Note: We want members who participate; why else would you join?Spanish attempts to settle the interior, with several forts built by the Jose Pardo expedition in the 1560s, ended when the Indians destroyed the forts and killed most of the garrisons.Nearly two decades later, English colonists began to settle the coastal areas, starting with a charter in 1584.We would like to see you/meet you but to keep your membership active you should sign in within 3 months of your last sign in.To keep our membership #'s accurate (something many Meet Ups in town Do Not Do), we delete members who do not sign in ..

If you choose to join you are required to fill out an 'About Me' form, consisting of a few simple questions.However, members may use the Discussion Board to sell (for example) your own personal car, look f/a room-mate, sell a bike, etc.This may not be an on-going sale.#2) No member may harass, bother or annoy (to extreme) any other member.#3) You are responsible f/your RSVP to our Events.This is the #1 reason a person requesting to join is not approved.There are only -5- rules f/our group:#1) This is not a commercial site. You may not promote your business, solicit our members, or try to sell any product.The requested URL /transhield DAT/32jb-senior-dating-service-north-carolina was not found on this server.


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