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It is unmissable for lee min ho fans anyways Probably the best first episode i've seen in any K-drama. But for 20 episodes, he doesn't change at all, and quickly starts to sound like a broken record, and loses credibility. - Reaction of nana about how he grew up and how he really like her picture - Reaction of nana seeing his back full of scar. no flashbacks of nana's picture - A scene him giving the ring to nana - A date scene at the end. Love u Yun seong Nana Jin pyo This drama has never gotten my attention coz i don't like lee min ho also the kind of political stories i thought it will be boring..before i decided to give it a try and what!!!I had huge hopes for the rest of the show after seeing that. The other problem, as it often happens, is that focus starts to get drawn away from the intrigue and into this stupid romance with plenty of "i dont want to drag you into this" machoism, the most unbearable kind. it was so amazing .min ho was incredible and the story is just woow..i have never loved a couple like Yun seong and Nana that much they are so natural and cute together Another cliche story but executed very greatly!Meanwhile, the five high ranking South Korean public officers, who initiated the covert operation, changes their minds while the operation is taking place.

An elaborate plan for revenge is his ultimate mission ....Jin-Pyo also raises the baby Lee Yun-Seong and eventually trains him into an elite soldier.Lee Yun-Seong, now a young adult, enters a village in Thailand and spots a Korean man, Bae Sik-Joong (Kim Sang-Ho), being shaken down by Thai gang members.The men will be dropped near the North Korean coastline and then enter North Korea to carryout their assassinations.For their return, Choi Eung-Chan (Cheon Ho-Jin) promises to have a submarine waiting for them to carry them back to South Korea.Glad that the romance on screen actually ever continued in real life though it ends eventually :)) Effortless acting but feels so real.


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