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There are good reasons to be optimistic as lithium-ion is, in many ways, superior to other chemistries.Applications are growing and are encroaching into markets that previously were solidly held by lead acid, such as standby and load leveling. Lithium-ion has not yet fully matured and is still improving.

The 1,500m Ah pouch cells for mobile phones were first charged at a current of 1,500m A (1C) to 4.20V/cell and then allowed to saturate to 0.05C (75m A) as part of the full charge saturation.Manufacturers take a conservative approach and specify the life of Li-ion in most consumer products as being between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles.Evaluating battery life on counting cycles is not conclusive because a discharge may vary in depth and there are no clearly defined standards of what constitutes a cycle (see BU-501: Basics About Discharging).Not having to match single cells in mobile phones and tablets, as is required in multi-cell packs, opens the floodgates for a much broader performance acceptance.Cells with lower capacities may slip through cracks without the consumer knowing.The lithium-ion battery works on ion movement between the positive and negative electrodes.


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