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See the Flex Developer Center for more information on new features.Native support for Adobe® AIR™ – Flex Builder 3 adds support for Adobe AIR which lets developers use their existing web development skills in HTML, AJAX, Flash, and Flex to build and deploy RIAs to the desktop.

This release contains the following versions of Flex Builder: NOTE: You can run Flex Builder 2.0.1 and Flex Builder 3 on the same system. CAUTION: Do not install Flex Builder 3 into the same location of an existing installation of Flex Builder 2 or a previous Beta version of the Flex Builder 3.SOAP web services enhancements – Flex Builder 3 adds support for Web Services Introspection to simplify data access from web services.Using Flex Builder 3, you can introspect a WSDL and automatically generate code to allow easy invocation and handling of web service operations.For instructions on installing just Flex 3 SDK, see Flex 3 SDK Installation Instructions.This section lists some of the major new features and changes for Flex Builder 3 .There are new pan and zoom tools to provide more fine-grained manipulations..


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