Women who are intimidating to men

It affirms everything that I’ve ever written about sex and gender in a very logical, concrete manner. And if, due to equality, birth-control, libido, societal acceptance, and insecurity, many women are willing to have sex with men who don’t call, pay, commit, or make an effort, then those women are essentially teaching men that they do not have to behave well to procure sex.This is why I created the 2/2/2 rule to screen men through the online dating process.They would rather pass this intelligent woman up for someone with far less mental wattage.Of course, my intention is not to markdown women who aren’t intellectually inclined or suggest that one type of woman is superior to another.Because culture and society has conditioned men to feel superior, they cannot really abide a woman with a competitive edge – a woman who actually has interesting perspectives and opinions that either challenge or extend their own.God forbid that the woman corrects them, upstages them or worse, make them feel worthless.This is why I say you should wait 5-6 weeks before he’s your boyfriend.This is why I tell you not to have sex outside of commitment.

Again, men are disinterested in women who have a potential to be competitive and controlling romantically.

I grew up with the mentality that being intelligent was a good thing – a strength that would endear people to me.

It never occurred to me that it would instead be a sort of hindrance, when it came to dating.

Also, she is not as difficult as intelligent women who required the man to put in a lot of work and effort in the relationship.

The third friend, in addition, defended the stance that men date less intelligent women, not because they want women to be dumb but rather because they want women who will not challenge their priorities, but will instead rearrange theirs (the women) own priorities to conform to or be compatible with the men’s.


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