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Be prepared to laugh as well as I use an unconventional method to protect my toes from getting injured. JOIN NOW Member's Only March 9, 2017: Note from Sexy Para I am leaving on vacation on Monday, March 13!

You can watch my legs spasm while I try to stretch them. I will be posting new updates this weekend, plus gathering pictures and hopefully some video along my travels.

You can catch up-to-the-moment updates on my Twitter or Tumblr!

Twitter: @sexyparagirl Tumblr: @sexyparashannon Member's Only February 9, 2017: Note from Sexy Para I will be posting at least one new update this weekend.

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I also tell you what's in my secret special trunk that stays locked, and more!

Continuing my Yoga practice, only this time I decided to have some fun and wear sexy lingerie and pantyhose.

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It's so scary being this wobbly and my legs being much weaker than ever. JOIN NOW Member's Only April 22, 2017: Stretching Stretching, exercising, talking to you about it all. I do some crawling, and the end has a surprise bonus of tons of clonus spasms.

For now, I wanted to show you this pair of panythose I recently bought that I'm so excited to wear in a new video! Plus I'll tell you all about my appointment :) Member's Only Now that the tightness and pain is beginning to subside in my legs, I am coming out the other side with more feeling.

The best part of that is I can feel my orgasms so much more intensely now!

At times I do find it hard to feel sexy and desirable, so my site goes a long way to giving me back my confidence and self esteem that can easily fall away in the face of disability.

I, of course, would love to walk again and get back to the body I had before all of this began, but I will continue to embrace who I am physically no matter how it turns out, and I will continue to enjoy creating my art in whatever way I desire.


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