Lead isotope dating

In addition to the many industrial activities, mining has long been one of the main sources of pollutant discharge in area watercourses, primarily the Massawippi River.

Field investigations were undertaken on overbank sediments found at four sites (Figure 1).

Alluvial soils are contaminated over a distance of 100 kilometers, and the level of the contaminated-hydrocarbon layer in the soil profiles is among the highest at the Windsor and Richmond sites.

Concentrations of lead and stable lead isotope ratios , most often located at the bottom of the profiles (160, 200, and 220 cm in depth).

Studies also examined lead contamination in soils, sediments and groundwater aquifers along with other metals that are generally geochemically associated (e.g., Cd, As and Zn) [12, 13].

Results showed that lead isotopes serve as indicators of environmental contamination events affecting a large spectrum of environmental media.


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