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Her story forms the centrepiece of a new exhibition at Ravensbrück about the fate of women pressed into prostitution between 19, like Asia's ‘comfort women’ during World War II.

But, once erected, the tents remained all summer for groups of girls coming to camp for a weekend or a week.Five of them had driven up Friday night and several others would be coming and going throughout the weekend.There was a lot to do to prepare the camp for the summer season - minor repairs, cleaning, checking the boats, clearing out the raccoons that had decided to take advantage of the isolated site over the winter and, of course, setting up the tents.Most of the sex workers were taken from the women's camps at Ravensbrück and Auschwitz to ‘brothels’ at 10 camps in Germany and the Nazi-occupied eastern territories.The vast majority had been imprisoned for ‘anti-social’ behaviour - a crime arbitrarily defined under Hitler to include prostitutes but also women with suspect political ties or relationships with Jews.said the men who visited her were by and large decent.


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