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Please be sure to complete each field on any given form.Incomplete documents create unnecessary delays in processing.Alumni and former students may request transcripts through our website. Students ordering through the self-service portal will pay the fee online.

The DD149 form gives you the opportunity to make a case for why having a prior name on your military record is an injustice for you.Date of Discovery – You can put in a date that was important in your transition process—such as the date when you socially transitioned, legally changed your name, or updated your identification, or you can use a date when you attempted to use your DD 214 and you were “outed”.I was not previously aware that it was possible to remedy this injustice, and I request correction of my record so I will not continue to have to reveal my transgender status every time I show my DD214.You should personalize your responses on the DD149 form according to your situation.Below is sample language to give you an idea of how you can make your case.Each calendar year includes five ten-week Quarters.


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