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They role-play on a Web site called “Furry MUCK,” a chat-room kingdom where users pretend they’re red-tailed hawks, foxes, and polar bears. His nametag reads, shaggy, but his real name is Mike.

A high number of furries are bearded and wear glasses. Not all the conventioneers want people to know their full names, lest their bosses or parents find out what they’re up to on the weekends.

A “furvert” is anyone who is sexually attracted to mascots and such.

Many furries have jobs related to science and computers.

I’m too deeply into it.”There are many kinds of furries, but they all seem to have a few things in common.

Something happened to them after a youthful encounter with Bugs Bunny or Scooby Doo or the mascot at the pep rally. After being bombarded by tigers telling them what cereal to eat, camels smoking cigarettes, cars named after animals, airplanes with eyes and smiles, shirts with alligators, they decided their fellow human beings were not nearly so interesting as those animal characters.

He even wrote a plushie newsletter for a while, but gave it up. In a casual way, but not really seriously.”He goes into a store and purchases materials for a puppet-making workshop he is scheduled to lead the next day. The body, just the flesh, the general design, I just don’t like.”He says he’d prefer to be a lemur or a rabbit and still be intelligent and keep the opposable thumbs. ” I ask.“Everybody’s fucked up in some way, I think. It’s just more, you like this person because of who they are rather than for their body.

Back behind the wheel, Ostrich says, “I don’t like the human form. He thinks the technology will be available relatively soon to help him achieve this dream. And we find as the number of women increases, the number of people who thought they were gay but decided otherwise increases, too.

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“Spooge” is semen—a possible outcome of a fur pile.Talking about all this almost causes Ostrich to miss his exit.“I. I know a couple people who thought they were gay until they met a furry girl.”He gets up.“In some ways we’re very closed off—sort of a subculture.I have trouble looking at it objectively, because it seems so natural.He was a chemist at the time, collecting dinosaur stuff on the side.One day he went to a comic-book shop and discovered a furry comic-book series with sexy characters. This looks pretty much exactly what I’d like to read—I gotta have one of these,” he recalls.“Now I’m old and I’m warped, everybody knows it, so I don’t bother hiding anything anymore!


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