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Zusätzlich gibt es branchenspezifische Spezialthemenabende, zu denen Experten, Kreativprominenz und Hosts unterschiedlicher Unternehmen eingeladen werden.

Vergangene Veranstaltungen als Beispiel: In Kooperation mit der Initiative Neue Wirtschaft im Künstlerhotel am Brillantengrund dateten trotz sinnflutartiger Regenfälle insgesamt 80 Teilnehmer aus den Branchen Mode, Foto- grafie, Film, Grafik, Architektur, Kunst und Design.

Your mentor will create a tailor-made internationalization strategy with you.

It is not always so straightforward though — simply driving through an old neighbourhood or catching the smell of a pub as you walk by can be enough to trigger intense urges to use.

Remind yourself why it is important to avoid relationships in early recovery, and if you have more than a year of sobriety under your belt follow these tips for dating in recovery to help make sure your transition to the dating world does not sabotage your sobriety.

The perfect event to meet as many potential corporate partners as possible through a business speed-dating session.The go Austria program offers you a personal start-up mentor with great experience in the Austrian and European start-up ecosystem.The mentor will support you in validating and adapting your business model and will connect you with relevant stakeholders.The more you become socially isolated, the easier it is to rationalise drug or alcohol use to yourself.Increased income can also trigger thoughts of being able to afford your drug of choice.One of most effective techniques for preventing relapse is to identify your personal relapse triggers and make a detailed plan on how you will manage them.


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