Sqldatasource updating event not firing

Keep in mind that we need to override the Inserting handler to assign our data into the Sql Data Source object. Date Time) When I catch the event for Add Supplier button then populate the five parameters & also Inserting event auto fired for the Sql Data Source object. Sql Data Source Command Event Args) Handles Sql Data Source1. Have a look below: Note: Now you can Edit & Delete data from your page which rquires just few clicks. Now Inserting Data Using Grid View Footer: It requires few tricks to implement. Since tbl Supplier contains each column of datatype string so i need four Text Box here. Now we need to bind four Text Box data with Sql Data Source after clicking on the Add Supplier button. In the last Template column headed by Action I added a Button with Command Name property=New. So first we need catch the click event of Add Supplier button. But questions are how we can identify which button user pressed to fire this event? So the Grid View1_Row Command() method code is: C# Code: Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Command(sender As Object, e As System.

Open the web.config file and add your connectionstring: Now add a Sql Data Source control. For this example this should be: Now add a Grid View in your page.

It means events can be set up only if needed, so helping performance. Hmm, I wonder if this is anything to do with my overriding of the constructor?

For each & every database driven web application development based on Asp. Net powerful control Grid View because of its set of builtin capabilities & a long list of extensions & improvements. Here i am showing how you can Insert Update Delete data using Grid View with minimum coding.

When I handle a event for selecting to change the value of a parameter it does not use the new value and the selected event is never called.

THE PROBLEM: You are going on your merry way coding a Grid View (not using a SQLData Source or anything, just the database flavor of the day) and you can't get that update link/button to fire off any event, let alone the Row Updating event that you want to fire.


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