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'There is an enormous problem in this world in regards to female body shaming, and not solely in regard to fat women, but all women.A size 2 woman who sees this ad sees the message: "If I don't stay small, he will cheat."She believes the use of her photo 'Contribut[es] to...The real thrills actually kick in at the film’s midway point, when the kitchen-sink homage to nearly every tried-and-true horror trope in the book kicks in—most having nothing to do with men wearing red noses.Stephen King’s 1986 novel was one of his most popular, about a group of bullied kids in one of the author’s signature quaint American small towns who are terrorized by Pennywise the Dancing Clown, a shape-shifting being that exploits their greatest fears and phobias while systematically hunting them down.It leaves the film feeling somewhat messy, a collection of mismatched attempts at greatness. Despite all the marketing focus on the homicidal circus freak, It was never about the clown.It’s about how trauma haunts a childhood and how the latent ennui of small-town America can fan the flames of our greatest fears.

Same with their ideology: they're just a thinly veiled stand-in for whomever the public is politically afraid of at the moment, or whomever in Earth history the writers want to anvilize the viewers about.T., and about 100 Steven Spielberg tricks on how to spook an audience.The film’s greatest strength is its embrace of humor, often at the mere sight of some hilariously ’80s timepiece.Truthfully, most of the film’s terrors exist as patchwork set pieces, each effective and well-executed in terms of tone and genre on their own—you’ll be scared!—but haphazardly stitched together, with each section not always complementing or even making sense alongside the next. For all the talk of clowns, it’s Pennywise that doesn’t really work here.Well, sex is important in my marriage - it is - but it's not No.


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