Twitter dating app

The article showcased a tool called Analyse Words that generated a user's emotional style and said whether they were worried, angry or depressed, as well as revealing their social and thinking styles - all from tweets.

Mr Smith made contact with Toronto-based language scientists Receptiviti AI - including the man behind Analyse Words - and rebuilt Love Flutter with 'Twitter at its core.'James Pennebaker, co-founder of Receptiviti said: 'There is more to tweets than authors' appreciate - each entry is like a fingerprint.

Each entry is like a fingerprint." Because of this, incorporating Twitter helps to show "the real, unfiltered you and the opposite of a polished Instagram feed other dating apps rely upon," according to the app.

It also offers Twitter users a new platform to meet people nearby.In order to display your 10 most recent tweets on your profile, users can either sign in with Twitter or tap "Connect with Twitter" in the app's settings, while non-Twitter users can log in via Facebook or email to scroll through tweets of potential matches.The app doesn't show your Twitter handle or full name, and users with private accounts can opt to allow potential matches to read their tweets without affecting their status outside of Loveflutter.The app, called Loveflutter, was inspired by a Mail Online article and claims to be the first to use Twitter, letting users display their tweets on their profile.Ahead of its launch this year, it has released an online interactive tool that lets anyone input their Twitter handle to find out their personality, and get dating advice.Like other dating apps, two users can connect if they both 'like' each other.


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