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May 1917 saw the second Battle of Bullecourt, a continuation of the British spring offensive north and south of Arras that aimed to support a major French attack further south.

The French attacked on 15 April 1917 but when the attack failed, the British and French leaders agreed to continue the operation, which was a joint British and Australian attack on the Hindenburg Line around Bullecourt.

Nearly 9,000 British troops were killed, injured or captured during the battles, and of the thousands of British, German and Australian soldiers to die on the field, up to 4,000 bodies were never recovered.

The planned wind farm would be constructed about 600 metres from a memorial dedicated to the troops who lost their lives.

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Australia's Veterans' Affairs Minister Dan Tehan has said he plans to raise the issue with his French counterpart.'This wind farm has been on-again, off-again, so I'll be trying to get an understanding but I can say the French take incredibly seriously ensuring that what took place 100 years ago is properly respected,' he said.Brendan Nelson, the director of the Australian War Memorial, has also urged France not to build the wind turbines on the battlefield.'I would like to think a sane and sensible government, in this case on the French side, would reflect on the fact that the very important contemporary bilateral relationship not in any way be jeopardised,' Dr Nelson told ABC Radio.The Hindenburg Line (Siegfriedstellung) was a German defensive position built during the winter of 1916-1917 from Arras to Laffaux.France has been slammed over plans to build a wind farm on a World War One battlefield where thousands of British and Australian soldiers were killed.French energy firm Engie Green is planning to develop the six-turbine farm near the small village of Bullecourt.Such devastation was par for the course during the years of stalemate.


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