Cosmopolitan dating articles

He thinks that if he can solve her emotional problems she will want to date him. Suddenly she starts to discuss every problem in her life with him.

The guy thinks this is good and listens more and more and more to her complaints.

Repeat after me, "Dating is simply a numbers game." You flirt with x number of women and that will result in x number of conversations which will lead to x number of coffee dates which will lead to sleeping with x number. To date means flirting with women and initiating conversations with women.

Figure out the number ahead of time and then create a plan to go out and meet and talk to women.

(The answer is an emphatic no.) The bottom line is that women want to be SEDUCED and ROMANCED.

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I have listed a few dating myths that will begin to shed light on your most intimate dating troubles.Women certainly are not having sex with these guys in every position imaginable because they are interesting, intellectually stimulating, and polite.No, these women are hot and heavy because these men are exciting, romantic, fun, and even a bit dangerous.It sucks to be so nervous around a woman that you babble incoherently, and it is even worse to act like a stud and have her slap you in front of your buddies. Get out, date, deal with the inevitable rejections, have fun, and learn about the machinery in your own head that leads to trouble and failure with women.When it comes to dating, most men are run by myths, misconceptions, and denial of their power as men.When you are nice and interesting a woman will likely put you into the category of friend, but not lover.


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