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The attack occurred at her home in the 2000 block of Parker Avenue in Bloomington.Police and fire and rescue were dispatched to the residence after receiving an emergency call.The horrific December attack was never reported by the local media.Her death went unreported to the public until April 13, when University Hospital doctors released information about Clark's death and a second pit bull mauling in the area that resulted in the death of 83-year old Petra Aguirre on April 11.Mc Lean County Coroner Beth Kimmerling said the autopsy the following day determined that she died of massive blood loss and multiple dog bites to her head, neck and arms.At the time of attack, Kara was home with her 2-year old sister being babysat by her grandmother.The other two dogs were confiscated and euthanized, according to Weeks.The grandson told police his dogs had no history of aggressive behavior.

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Officials captured one 30-pound female pit bull shortly after the attack.

Mark Kumpf, the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center (ARC) director, then declared the dogs "mastiff-mixes" to the local media and "cane corsos" to the coroner's office.

Despite 13 complaints made by Richey to ARC about these dogs leading up to the lethal attack, no one at ARC had even seen the dogs prior to police killing them.

Thomas was cited for a litany of misdemeanor violations.

On July 1, 2014 Harris County prosecutors charged Thomas and Timothy Coleman under the state felony dog attack law.


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