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Roberts received blows to the head and body and was arrested for using obscene language and resisting arrest.

Witnesses claimed the police beat Roberts because he called them "imps" for failing to attend to the woman.

Overall, this app has alot of great potential, and I hope the developers reach out and read what we, the users, have to say about the app to improve it and make it better for the future community. This prevents you from engaging with anybody except for your fellow prisoners.

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It reminds me of the “good ol’ days” back in the late 90’s/early 00’s when I used to go into chat rooms similar to this on dial-up internet!In the past, when charges were brought, 50 percent of the officers were acquitted.Authorities were investigating the police Repeat Offenders Program Task Force for allegations of misconduct, kidnapping, and murder made by members of the public.On July 23, residents of the Scorpion Alley neighborhood in Carenage claimed that police opened fire on a group of men and sped away in an unmarked car when they realized that someone had been shot.Police asserted that they were fired upon while on patrol.RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Section 1 Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom From: a.


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