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Europe and America, by following this self-destructive idiocy, are merely imitating policies of USSR.

"Diversity is strength" they say - well, many of the pathetic failures of USSR show what kind of "strength" lies in following the tenets of Marxism.

With education our current generation of WNs can arm themselves with the truth and facts about the Soviet Union. On average, by 1979, 12% - 24% of all Soviets were in interracial marriages, mainly due to the Soviet version of Affirmative Action for 70 years, giving government jobs (that was the only kind of job) to Brown race Kazak, Uzbek, Turkmen, Tajik, Azeri, etc "minorities".

The USSR had promoted and developed well over three times the race-mixing of Western society, even today. Just as today the same Jewish policy gives money and jobs to Brown "Hispanic-Latino" Mexicans.

They even tried to invent bogus science like Lysenkoism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, all to avoid implications of genetics and heredity in humans and bash "anti-scientific" racism and eugenics.

OTOH, taking figures for inter-ethnic marriages (that might mean something like Russian-Tajik, but might also mean something like Russian-Latvian or even Russian-German) and pretending that these figures mean inter-racial marriages - this is total nonsense.

This is twice has high as current interracial marriages in the US and Europe today.

"Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the RSFSR Adopted by the Fifth All-Russia Congress of Soviets 10 July 1918 Part Two: General Provisions of the Constitution of the RSFSR CHAPTER FIVE Article 22. Circus (1936 film) USSR East Berlin USSR Interracial Mural Black men dancing with White woman on left. Message: White or lighter women should dance and marry darker men.

To destroy any identity other than "proletariat" and "Soviet Man" - was/is the dream of Marxism.

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The 21% interracial marriages of the USSR is massive compared to the 7% of the current USA-Europe interracial marriage rate. Bromley, eds., Sotsial’no-kul’turnyy oblik sovetskikh natsiy (The socio-cultural aspect of Soviet nations). "From my observation post, it was clear that many of those who darted about on the streets below were people of color: Men with skins the color of polished ebony [African students? ), a group of Asians (clearly tourists whom, I later learned, were from one of the Soviet Republics), laughing children whose ripe features and knotted hair betrayed their mixed parentage.

Race mixing in the Soviet Union was three times higher than current levels in the US and Europe, There is a common myth promoted by Jews, even today, that Marixsm-Communism was "for the good" of the White race person, and that "there was no race-mixing in Communist USSR". That there were so many varieties of people in the German Democratic Republic was my second major surprise." Page 378USSR was far ahead of pushing interracial marriage on Europeans.


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