Who is nikki blonsky dating

HAIRSPRAY actress Nikki Blonsky is gonna’ put a ring on it, announcing her TOP SECRET engagement to boyfriend Christopher Salute.

It’s probably one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever done, but also the most exciting and also surprisingly close-to-home character I’ve ever played. She made everything very easy and comfortable, so there was no awkwardness at all. They’re real people and like kids you would find in high school. About guys using the word “curvy” :“It’s like, an excuse for men to like what they like.It’s like they feel risqué or bad or naughty being with somebody my size. If you date me, you’re going to get a lot more than you bargained for.Unfortunately, for us and for her, the timing put us behind schedule, and the two of us agreed this was for the good of the show.I will always love and admire Nikki and what she represents, and I really hope we can work together on something in the future." “ is the first script in a long time that reached out and grabbed me by the heart," Blonsky said.The film is based on the popular YA novel by Brent Hartinger, the first in the ongoing Russell Middlebrook series.


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