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If we are lucky enough to catch him a time or two, we mark him on an aerial photo or topo map and make some notes to document the event.If you move a few cameras around and you begin to catch the buck more often, you’re likely closer to his core area.We know where and when they were photographed and how often.If we can pattern a specific buck, our chances of taking him are a whole lot better.

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To effectively identify bucks, you should have at least one camera for every 50-100 acres.They are used by just about every serious hunter and deer manager I know and they’re probably the most important advancement in deer hunting equipment since the compound bow.Here’s what my son Neil Dougherty and I have learned in the last decade about setting up trail cameras and analyzing photos to take mature bucks.This is where it pays off to have your camera set up correctly.There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a great buck on camera only to have the photo ruined by sun glare or a busy background.We build a “shooter list” for the season and refer to it often.


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