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Just as there is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, Great River's MP-2NV stereo mic preamp takes a highly divergent path to achieve sonic nirvana.

Even my humble Univox P-Bass copy sounded surprisingly round through the direct input.

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Outputs are 600-ohm, transformer-balanced, line-level XLRs (maximum output level 27 d Bm, terminated) with unbalanced TRS inserts between preamp, and output amplifiers for outboard such as compression and equalizers. (The switch actually dials-in various combinations of amplifier stages, gain and input transformer attenuation.) The MP-2NV includes an output stage level pot and metering for both stages.

Input gain for the MP-2NV is in 5d B steps, output gain is continuously variable from -20 d B through unity to 10 d B.


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